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The Function Of Style

The Function of Style [Farshid Moussavi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. During the 19th and most of the 20th century, discussions of. What is the function of style today? If the s were defined by Postmodernism and the s by Deconstruction, how do we characterize the architecture of the . Title: The Function of Style, Author: Actar Publishers, Name: The Function of Style , Length: 20 pages, Page: 1, Published:

This book interrogates further the formfunction relationship of its projects. It focuses particularly on the history of drawing techniques of. The Function of Style by Farshid Moussavi, edited with Marco Ciancarella, Jonathan A. Scelsa, Mary Crettier, Kate Kilalea Actar / Harvard GSD. style: In plants, the style is a structure found within the flower. It is a long, slender stalk that connects the stigma and the ovary. The stigma is at the top of the style.

Style, as the way of assembling forms, was trapped in producing consistency and sameness across architectural forms. The book ' The Function of Style' is the.