Nba 2k12 my player editor download

Nba 2k12 my player editor

CF/Audio id's are used to make your my player into a NBA player . LeFluffie work for all games, but not for NBA2K12 after modding my player. XBOX ONLY*** Change log: 1/7/ Fixed issue with player position. THINGS YOU WILL NEED: NBA 2KCMG FILE REHASH AND. ModdingWay is the source for NBA 2K12 Utilities / Editing Tools, patches, mods, downloads, editing tools, updates. NBA 2K12 My Player Cyber Face V

Go to walmart and get a xbox usb for 20$ 8gb then: smithislandhouserentals.comad usb Xtaf v4. 4 and horizon/modio and hex EDITOR play your rookie. Ok, I got it to work. Let me explain what I did. Disclaimer, I have only used a Hex Editor twice in my life, this being the second. I figured out how.