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China zip code

China Area Code & Zip Code - Guangdong - Beijing - Shanghai - Hainan Area and Zip code. Here are China zip codes (post code) for all cities. When you want to send a letter from one city to another in China, make sure to fill both the two cities' zip code. Therefore, even though it was assigned official postal codes by China Post, those codes are not in use. ROC's postal bureau, Chunghwa Post, uses a different postal code system. North China – 0 - East China – 2 - Central China – 4 - South China and Guizhou.

Postal codes for all regions in China. Use our interactive map, address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination. Area code usually indicates certain geographic areas, such as 10 stands for Beijing, 21 stands for Shanghai, and 29 stands for Xian. It is used when dialing a number from outside the code area. Zip code is the postal code used when mailing a letter. The zip code of China is 6 numbers. China Area Code is used for make tellphone to/in China and Zip Code is for sending post cards, letter and parcel to/from China. China's Country code is

A postal code usually stands for a certain area that the residents or companies located and used for mailing to improve the efficiency and accuracy. China postal . Lookup China Postal Code/Zip Code/Postcode of Address, Place & Cities in China. China Postal Code Map will display the nearby searched postal codes. Area code. Postal code. Beijing. Dongsheng. Shanghai. Linhe. Tianjin. Xilinhot. ZipCode. AreaCode. City. ZipCode. AreaCode. Beijing. Luoyang. Baotou. Nanchang. Beihai.