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Delphi Unit Test Framework. Contribute to VSoftTechnologies/DUnitX development by creating an account on GitHub. DUnitX is an open-source unit test framework based on the NUnit test framework, including some ideas from xUnit as well. The RAD Studio. Go Up to DUnitX Overview. The structure of a unit test largely depends on the functionality of the class and method you are testing. The Unit.

DUnitX is a new Unit Testing Framework for Delphi or later. Thanks to a contribution from Robert Love, DUnitX now sports a shiny new IDE Wizard for creating Test projects and Test Units. This is a template that I use that allows me to choose between VCL,FMX or Console apps: program UnitTests; ///// UI Selection - Pick only 1!.

I am trying to get started with DunitX in DelphiXE. I've got the DunitX packaged built and installed and I have the options to create a new DUnitX project in Delphi . I just wanted to talk in public about some of work I have going on around DUnitX. My goal is simple to get feedback from the Delphi community. DUnitX may be optionally installed while installing Delphi versions XE8 and up. However, I recommend following the instructions below and manually, obtaining .