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“Every C++ professional needs a copy of Effective C++. It is an absolute must- read for anyone thinking of doing serious C++ development. If you've never read . This C Programming book gives a good start and complete introduction for C Programming for Beginner’s. Learn the all basics and advanced features of C programming in no time from Bestselling Programming Author Harry. He is the leading authority on C Programming and C++. Which may lead you to wonder whether the information and advice in this pre-C ++0x edition of Effective C++ remains relevant. I'm pleased to.

Effective Modern C++, The book on effective use of the features new in “ modern” C++ (i.e., C++11 and C++14). A complement to Scott's existing books. Archive for the 'Effective C/C++' Category. «Older Entries . perform a rotation. Now can I write a rotation function in C – sure – but it's a real pain in the tuches. Items 8 - 19 “As C++ embraces change, Scott Meyers' Effective C++, Third Edition, soars to Scott Meyers, More Effective C++: 35 New Ways to Improve Your.

On my previous team at Google, I spent 3 months writing C (working on the Linux Kernel Library), before we suddenly found ourselves needing. Scott Douglas Meyers (born April 9, ) is an American author and software consultant, specializing in the C++ computer programming language. He is known for his Effective C++ book series. This course is a fast-paced introduction to the C and C++ programming languages, with an emphasis on good programming practices and how to be an effective.