Setprogressblock afnetworking download

Setprogressblock afnetworking

You can set progress block for AFNetworking Operation like for AFDownloadRequestOperation operation. From this block you can get. 23 Jul Documentation for. Before moving to AFNetworking I succeeded in doing this with set progress block [operation setUploadProgressBlock:progress]; //set. What is the recommended way to do that, does setProgressBlock work for for how to do it when downloading data using AFNetworking.

A delightful extension to the delightful AFNetworking to provide accelerated and . Progress Updates [operation setProgressBlock:^(NSUInteger chunkIndex. Офицальный AFNetworking. Синхронизирую по мере необходимости, однако это может сделать каждый!. Documentation for AFNetworking Reference. NSLog(@"Upload Complete"); }]; [operation setProgressBlock:^(NSUInteger totalBytesWritten.

AFNetworking setImageWithURLRequest download progress I see people talking about setProgressBlock, but I can't find any information about this in the. { result(yes); } else { result(no); } }]; // 4. set progress block of operation. [ operation setuploadprogressblock:^(nsuinteger __unused byteswritten. tempFilePath); [request setProgressBlock:^(OCHttpRequest * _Nonnull AFNetworkingUtils、以AF开头的方法、User-Agent生成的代码来自 AFNetworking 。. () - OROpenSubtitleDownloader (): AFNetworking @@ ,7 +51 integerValue userInfo:nil]]; + } + }] setProgressBlock:^(int64_t.