Sap portal development kit download

Sap portal development kit

I have come across few blogs as well as in forums also that there is not much clear explanation to PDK (Portal Development) though there are. Portal Development Kit for (PDK is a set of tools that enable developers to build portal content for SAP NetWeaver Portal. Hi, I have the following question regarding thePortal Development Kit (PDK) for SAP Enterprise Portal We have Enterprise Portal up.

Use. The Portal Development Kit for (PDK is a set of tools that enables Microsoft Visual developers to build portal. How is Portal Development Kit (SAP Enterprise Portal) abbreviated? PDK stands for Portal Development Kit (SAP Enterprise Portal). PDK is defined as Portal. NET development environment — and with minimal training — by using the SAP Portal Development Kit .NET PDK). PDK.

Portal Development Kit In an effort to allow developers without direct SAP access to build portal applications, SAP has provided a full Java-based toolkit. As a result of our recent blog entries, we received many questions about using the PDK to iViews to both SAP Enterprise. Scenarios for Distributing Portal Components on. Various Instances. . Sample Installation for a Test System with SAP EP .. SAP Portal Development Kit. Development for SAP NetWeaver Portal. . Starting and Stopping SAP NetWeaver Portal . 60 Log Configuration with the Config Tool.