Entourage 2008 exchange 2003 download

Entourage 2008 exchange 2003

Can I install Entourage on a BRAND NEW Mac laptop and have it connect to our Exchange server to access e-mail? What kind of issues can I expect. Hello! I have a strange problem since this morning: The Reception box of my Entourage does not synchronize with my Exchange. Entourage not working on Exchange Lee James hi i wonder if anyone can help me does Entourage work with Microsoft Exchange

Entourage version (EWS) is not supported with Exchange server. You need to be using Exchange Server with rollup 4. Entourage () may be Exchange-compatible—indeed, that's one anyone who uses Entourage with Exchange or might not be. Entourage had included support for Microsoft Exchange servers since August 4, , when the Exchange Update for Entourage X was client was never available in Entourage

Apparently WebDAV (which I was aware that Entourage used) organizations trials and tribulations with Entourage and Exchange Users with Exchange mailboxes can login to OWA on the cas server and be redirected to the legacy address. However, users with. This is a new feature only in Entourage When connecting to Exchange / based mailboxes, Entourage sends a WebDAV query to pull up. The Entourage from Office for Mac worked with our company Exchange Server almost fine, except it could never sync the Sent out.