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There's always "Unsaved Theme" located in Personalization although I'm using default theme of Windows 7. This "Unsaved Theme" is exactly. If the "Unsaved Theme" is reappearing automatically even after deleting it (which wipes out smithislandhouserentals.com), it could be a shell enhancement software running in. Close personalization click the Start button, type %localAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes in the search box and press Enter. Delete the smithislandhouserentals.com file. Now, open Personalization again and check if the Unsaved Theme still exists.

When I save a theme in Windows 7, another one is immediately created called " Unsaved Theme". This would usually happen if you make. According to personal experience and Microsoft documentation, when an aspect of a theme (wallpaper, border colour, etc) is changed in the 'Personalization' screen of Windows 7, a theme called Unsaved Theme is supposed to be created/exist under the 'My Themes' heading. 2 days ago I had problem for a while of Windows constantly generating an "Unsaved Theme" in Appearance and Personalization and I keep seeing in.

I have created and successfully saved a theme, but each time I reboot the system a new "unsaved theme" gets created and the system switches. I have a problem with creating themes in my Windows 7 PC. Whenever I save a theme in my computer, an 'Unsaved theme' immediately. Go to Start-->Control Panel-->Appearance and Personalization-->Personalization to view and customize your themes. Step 2: After you've customized your theme by selecting your wallpaper, window color, default sounds and screensaver, locate your "Unsaved Theme" in the "My Themes" section.